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Thursday, 6 December 2012


This blog was supposed to be for reviews of books, but there will be exceptions.
The first is Winston Graham's Poldark series. I chose to watch the television adaptation on DVD rather than read the novels mainly because I love watching historical series, and this one does not disappoint.
The character of Ross Poldark is kind yet firm, with an almost tender smile, and well liked by his Cornish community. If there is one who doesn't like the Captain it's one of the magistrates with whom he has a run in because of one of his tenants.
But Captain Ross isn't without his problems, from an impulsive cousin, and a lonely one to a fiance who chooses another in his absence, to work management problems. But he handles these with a firm tact and integrity. In fact he's very much like the male leads in my books; which is why I could fall for him myself  :)
I've just started watching episode 5 so will continue to blog about this.
You can get both books and DVDs here

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