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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Echoes Of Titanic

Echoes Of Titanic written by Mindy Starns Clark and John Campbell Clark and classified as inspirational suspense.
I originally picked it up because it was about the Titanic. As a history buff this grabbed me right away, but I was soon drawn into the story even though contemporary fiction is not my favourite read.
It's about Kelsey Tate who works in her family's investment firm that was started by her Great-grandmother Adele who survived the Titanic sinking in April 1912.
The book is told from both the contemporary time period (2012) and follows Adele and her cousin Jocelyn as they travel from Ireland to board Titanic, with a ratio of 3:1; near the end the ratio is 1 or2:1 as the mystery is solved.
I could identify with Kelsey where, on page 202 she admits she wanted to be like Adele, as did I.

Things I Liked:
The flow of the book. The transition between the centuries isn't choppy as you might expect but moves easily, as if you're reading a diary entry.
Good balance between narrative and dialogue
Believable characters
The discussion questions at the end of the book

What I Didn't Like
The use of the phrase "So to speak" This is a pet peeve of mine and grates on my nerves every time I hear it. It only happens two or three times in the book.

Most shocking moment: The unexpected death This totally floored me I never expected this even when the lead up to it (now) is so obvious.

Most Touching moment: The last letter from Jocelyn to Adele.

This book makes a great read and becomes more "unputdownable" as the story goes on and things start piecing together.
You can get the book here

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